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11 August 2010

Tiger Woods is washed up and he should just give it up…at least that is what a fan shouted as Tiger left the 18th hole on Thursday.  Tiger was playing in the Bridgestone Invitational in Akron, Ohio and the fan may have been correct.

Tiger Woods in Miami

 Tiger finished the tournament 18 over par and tied for second to last in the field of 79 players.  Oh, did I mention that Tiger was the reigning champion of the Bridgestone Invitational?  So what has changed over the past year?  Considering everything else around Tiger has collapsed, it is only fitting that his golf game would follow suit.  According to The Sun, Tiger’s wife Elin, has reportedly filed for divorce and is rumored to be receiving $750 million in “hush money.”  By agreeing to the settlement, it is rumored that Elin will agree to not talk about Tiger’s self-admitted “transgressions.”  Tiger reluctantly gave a post-tournament interview where he admitted that it had been a tough year.  Tough?  I feel really sorry for him and how tough this year has been, but I would bet it was tougher on the family he destroyed.  Karma sucks and he is now sleeping in the bed he made (no pun intended).
This week is an important week in the world of golf.  The PGA Championship (the last of the majors) begins Thursday and Tiger will be in the field of players.  All eyes will be on him as he looks to bounce back from the worst tournament of his professional career.  In addition to the PGA Championship, this is the last tournament to qualify for the Ryder Cup.  The top 8 US players automatically qualify for a spot on the team and the captain, Corey Pavin, is allowed to make 4 additional captain’s picks.  Tiger is currently 10th in the Ryder Cup standings.  If he finished outside the “automatic 8,” it will be interesting to see if he is invited to play.

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Golf Basics

Golf is probably one of the simplest professional sports.  There is no standardized playing area, no clock, and very few rules.  In essence, players carry a bag full of clubs in order to hit the ball into a hole with as few strokes as possible. More...


Ace:  Another word for a hole in one (the golfer is able to put the ball in the cup in one shot).

Approach:  A shot that occurs for a golfer after a tee shot and before a chip or put.  Essentially, it is a long to middle distance shot to get the ball within striking distance of the green where the cup is.

Chip:  A shot used to hit the ball a short distance so the golfer can transition from swinging clubs to using a putter to roll the ball into the hole.

Dogleg:  A hole that significantly curves between the tee box and the hole.  The name comes from the shape of the hole which resembles a dog leg.

Drive:  A shot used to hit the ball a long distance from the tee box.

Handicap:  The average score an amateur golfer gets over 18 holes.  For instance, a 6 handicap would usually shoot a 78 on a course that was a par 72.

Links:  Another word for a golf course.  Origins were early courses that were by the seaside, thus holes linked land and sandy soil.

Par:  The number of shots that it should take a skilled golfer to complete each hole, and in turn the entire course.
PGA:  Professional Golfers Association—the league that contains the world’s best golfers. St Andrews is a par 72 course.

Pitch:  See Chip above.

USGA:  United States Golf Association, the body that sets the rules for professional and amateur golf.

Majors: US Open, the Masters, PGA Championship, British Open.