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July 12, 2010

On Sunday the World Cup concluded with a 1-0 Spanish victory over The Netherlands on a half volley goal (more of a half kick than a full kick) in the 116th minute by Andres Iniesta. More...

World Cup dramatics……rouse a sleeping giant?

25 June 2010

On Wednesday morning the United States soccer team defeated Algeria 1-0 to win their group and advance to the round of 16.  More...

2010 FIFA World Cup  Yes, Grown-ups do Play Soccer

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport – by far.  It is estimated that over 715 million people watched the final match in 2006.  Essentially the World Cup is the world soccer play-offs that occur every 4 years. More...

DVR and World Cup Soccer…..a match for the ages:

22 June 2010

I, along with millions of others, have learned to truly appreciate my DVR system and the newfound freedom it provides. More...

Yeah….We Tied! 

13 June 2010

Saturday was one of those rare instances when sports fans in the US, or at least some of them, turned their eyes toward soccer.  While US fans were hopeful, most knew that their team was a significant underdog against the more soccer crazy England. More...