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 07 Aug 2010

So we should all take a moment to congratulate Albert Haynesworth on passing his fitness test 10 days into his team's training camp.  On Saturday he managed to run his consecutive 300 yard shuttle runs in 70 seconds or less, so now he is allowed to practice fully with team.  A sore knee kept Haynesworth from attempting the test this week, and after an MRI showed no damage, he gave it another go and passed it.  Now that this saga is over, we'll see how he does during this football season.  Last season he missed four games due to various injuries and was noticeably fatigued in many others.  By many accounts he looks about 30 pounds lighter than his playing weight last year, so maybe Redskins fans will get a little return on their $100 million investment.

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Could you run 600 Yards for $100 Million?

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End zone:  The two ends of a football field that are usually a different color than the rest of the field and displays the home team’s name and/or nickname.  The goal in football is to get the ball into the end zone.

Touchdown:  An act (rush or forward pass) whereby the ball crosses the goal line and gets into the end zone.

Extra Point: The act of kicking the football through the yellow uprights immediately after a touchdown.

Field Goal:  kicking the ball through the yellow uprights resulting in 3 points. 

Tackle:  Stop the player holding the ball from advancing toward the end zone

Interception:  A pass caught by the defense.

Safety:  The act of tackling the opposing team inside their end zone.  This is the only means by which a team can score points without actually having the ball