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USC Tailback

College Football Week  13:

25 November 2010

This week is Rivalry Week.  Most of the games played will be historic rivalries and the games have names and many have unique trophies that the winners get to take home.. More...

College Football Week  12:

18 November 2010

Most of the top-ranked schools are off this week, leaving a few rivalry games as the top games of the weekend.  #6 Stanford takes on bitter rival Cal in Berkley on Cal’s turf.  This is not one of those rivalries where they “respect” each other.  These two teams (and especially their fans) do not like each other in the least.  Stanford brings highly touted sophomore quarterback Andrew Luck who did not throw a touchdown for the first time all season last week. More...

College Football Week 11:
Championship Implications Already

10 November 2010

There are a couple of big games this weekend in the Southeastern Conference that will possibly have implications on the national championship picture.  See why college football fans will be keeping an eye on Athens, Georgia, and Gainesville, Florida, this weekend.

College Football Week 10:
The Dream Will Die…

04 November 2010

Someone’s dream season is going to end on Saturday.  Texas Christian University and Utah are both undefeated and ranked in the top 5, but that will end for one team on Saturday since they play each other.  The other big game on the schedule this weekend is a tough match-up between Alabama and Louisiana State University.  . More...

College Football Week 7:
Will Number One Survive?

14 October 2010

There is a huge game on the schedule this week, made even bigger by the fact that the previous No. 1 team, the Alabama Crimson Tide, lost for the first time in 19 games last week at South Carolina.  So there is a new No. 1—the Ohio State Buckeyes. Their game against the No. 18 Wisconsin Badgers highlights a pretty good lineup of college football this Saturday.  Three undefeated teams (Ohio State, Nebraska, and Auburn) face big challenges which will have implications on who will play for this year’s national championship...

College Football Week 5:
Rivals, Champions, and Weird Mascots

28 September 2010

This Saturday features three big games that have some compelling stories.  Here they are, in the order that they will be played on Saturday. More...

College Football Week 4:
Big Test Saturday

22 September 2010

This Saturday has some huge match ups in college football that will have me and millions of other football fans sitting in front of their TVs this weekend. More...


Lee's Quick "Week 13" College Football Recap

28November 2010

Boise State was exposed.  Oregon delivers in the second half.  Auburn makes an unbelievable comeback.  Find out who became bowl eligible and who will be watching the bowls from the comfort of their own home.


More College Football Week 13: (Saturday)

28 November 2010

Rivalry week continued on Saturday and featured a couple of pretty big upsets.  The scene is now set for the conference championship games next weekend, but on Saturday, pride was on the line just as much as championships for most teams.

College Football Week 13:

27 November 2010

College football’s big rivalry weekend started a little early with some games being played as early as Thursday.  The No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the country, Oregon and Auburn, were each locked in huge battles on Friday.  At the end of the day, however, there were very few upsets this weekend as the top teams continued to roll. One upset was big, however —the “Boise State” controversy was put to rest.

College Football Week  12:

21 November 2010

This past weekend in college football was really a warm up for the weekend after Thanksgiving which is traditionally when big rivals play each other at the end of the season.  Despite the few compelling matchups, the Ole Miss Rebels and Texas A&M Aggies made the weekend pretty interesting. More...



NCAA Football Week 4 Wrap-up

26 September 2010

Alabama is the best team in the nation.  They mounted a great comeback against #10 Arkansas to win 24-20.  Arkansas was winning the entire game, but QB Ryan Mallett threw a couple of costly interceptions and Alabama took advantage of the miscues. More...

NCAA Football Week 3:  A Forgettable Weekend?

15 September 2010

While most of the big games from last week did not live up to the hype and turned out to be blowouts (see last week’s recap), this weekend is a boring one for most college football fans. More...

NCAA Football Week 2 Wrap-up

13 September 2010

The stage was set for what was supposed to be better than week 1 in college football.  Unfortunately, things don’t always work out as advertised (ref. the Slap-Chop and ShamWow). More...

College Football Week 2—Get Your Televisions Ready

 08 September 2010

College football fans live for days like this coming Saturday.  I had to chuckle this weekend when my wife received a Facebook status update from my cousin’s wife that said “we interrupt this marriage for another SEC football season.” More...

NCAA Football “Weak” 1…with a Few Exceptions

05 September 2010

Week one of college football is famous for Alabama teeing off against the Southern Rhode Island Teacher’s College.  As you scroll down this week’s line up, it is much of the same. More...


Freedom of the Press?  Not so in SEC Land

18 August 2010

The unemployment rate in Arkansas had been on a steady decline, but suddenly Governor Mike Beebe has one more job to try to create. More...

College Football:  When Trojans Go Wild

21 July 2010

A story that began early in June has really started resurface in the news. It involves rules violations by Reggie Bush, a former running back for the University of Southern California (USC) Trojan football team. More...

College Football:  When the Devil Goes Down to Georgia, He Visits the Football Team

13 July 2010

Idle hands do the devil’s work, but they only make national sports news when they are Division I athletes for elite football programs. More...

NCAA Football:  The Day College Football Changed Forever

11 June 2010

Today is the day that changed college football as we know it.  Its so significant that every major sports news outlet will run a story about it. More...

Preseason Polls = Big $$

01 June 2010

Unbeknownst to the casual college football fan who thinks that college football lies dormant from January to August, there is a noticeable uptick in activity and anticipation of the upcoming season in June. More...