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10 December 2010

Gillette Stadium

College bowl season lasts from December 18th to January 10th.  Most of the “important” bowls come after New Year’s Day.  Office pools make games that are not normally interesting, interesting.  On the sheet below, you can see every game is listed on left-hand side.  Simply print off the sheet and write down who you think will win each game.  Then, assign a confidence value to your pick.  Since there are 35 bowl games, you can assign values of 1-35, with 35 being the most confident pick.  You can collect up sheets from all of your friends.  You can make copies of all of the sheets so that your friend’s can see how they are doing after each game, relative to everyone else.
Sometimes picking underdogs is the good strategy.  If everyone else is picking the favorite and the favorite team loses, many people will lose their “35 point game.”  Therefore, you can play this game with little or no knowledge of college football.  You just have to be able to count to 35.  Have fun with it.  A girl that I know finished second in a pool just by looking at the mascots of each team and deciding which one would win in a fight.  Then you just have to ask yourself, would a nittany lion beat up a gator?  Could the fighting Irish survive a hurricane?  I think one matchup is obvious…a tiger would absolutely crush a duck.  Just watch January 10th to see.

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