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Our website is designed to lower the barrier to entry for those who wish to casually follow sports by providing background on rules and terms that other sports news sources assume the reader has already acquired.

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These are the guys who patiently translate their passion for sports into something that the sports layman can read, understand, and hopefully enjoy


I am the southerner of the group, so you will find some occasional references to grits, Georgia sports teams, and Yankee-bashing.  More…


I have no business writing sports articles, but I got fired from my other job mowing lawns.  More…


I'm a die-hard Red Sox fan who happens to like the Patriots and Bruins.  I'm one of the few sports fans around that looks forward to the "boring" months of summer so I can get my baseball fix without being bothered by the NBA.  More...


As the son of a high school coach in the great state of Texas, I have always enjoyed playing and watching sports.  I am a self-proclaimed sports junkie. More...


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